Weekly Cutting Edge Fitness 7-20-2019 Class notes

July 25, 2019

Cutting Edge fitness Class Notes 7-20-2019




Indian Clubs

Tapping Warm up


Swing to side lunge pattern

  • Swing to side lunge, right to left

  • Swing to side lunge, adding lower wrist circle both clubs

  • Swing to side lunge, upper wrist circle

  • Swing to side lunge, right to left, upper and lower wrist circles

Forward Lunge

  • Forward lunge, straight arm swing, both arms, stepping forward

  • Forward lunge, straight arm swing stepping backward

  • Forward lunge, straight arm swing, adding forward wrist circle

  • Forward lunge, straight arm swing, stepping backward with wrist circle



Health Wands:


  • Peeling the octopus

  • Twisting high with one hand


  • Swing wand to center of back

  • Swing wand out and around to be caught with the opposite hand behind the back

  • Do this while moving and walking

  • The foot that is out is opposite to hand behind back,.  If left hand is back step out with right foot


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