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Huge benefits from simple equipment

Martial artists have rediscovered the use the Indian clubs as a martial training tool.  Tracing its roots from Greece to Persia to India and then to the West, this humble piece of equipment has many applications for the modern athlete.

Whether you swing a sword, pole or grapple, Indian Clubs can improve your overall martial arts journey.  Indian clubs were popular as the go-to strength and fitness equipment during the health craze of the late Victorian era. They were used by the forces of the British Empire, and even appeared as a gymnastic event in the 1904 and 1932 Olympics.  Seeing a resurgence in popularity, modern athletes are turning to this proven apparatus to up their game.  Twenty-first century physical therapists are even incorporating Indian Clubs for shoulder, wrist and lower arm rehabilitation.

Our classes and seminars focus on the use of Indian Clubs in a martial context focusing on proper form and technique to enhance your ability while strengthening shoulder, arms, core, and legs.  

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If you travel and use clubs this product is for you!  

Let's face it, nothing beats a wooden Indian club, hands down!  That said, I can't always take my favorite clubs with me on a carry-on, so I always carry of a set of these babies.  Portable clubs that can be used every day!


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