Weekly Cutting Edge Fitness 7-6-2019 Class notes

Indian Clubs

  • Tapping Warm up

  • Large circles

  • 10 minute exercise Warm up

  • Outward Windmills

  • Inward Windmills

  • Parallel swings both directions

  • Parallel lifting swings

  • Lift over and behind shoulder in lunge, twist to lung on opposite side swinging clubs down low in while twisting and moving both clubs in parallel to over back of shoulders

  • Same as above but with lower parallel circles in front of body, then proceeding to ending behind shoulders in parallel

  • Same as above but when starting downward swing double forward wrist circles

  • Inward swings alternating each hand starting from low position

  • Feet together facing forward then twisting body to side moving clubs to Iron Cross position with trunk twisted. When hands reach cross position outward wrist circles

  • Same as above in walking step

Health Wands:

  • Lifting high

  • Lifting to shoulders

  • Peeling the octopus

  • Lifting wand to each side

  • Double handed downward swing

  • Moving side to side in lunge wand travels up and over tapping at foot where knee is bent

  • Swing wand to center of back

  • Swing wand out and around to be caught with the opposite hand behind the back

  • Do this while moving and walking

  • The foot that is out is opposite to hand behind back,. If left hand is back step out with right foot