Weekly Cutting Edge Fitness 7-13-2019 Class notes

Indian Clubs

  • Warm up

  • Lifting and setting down clubs

  • Large circles to warm up

  • Outward mills (Heart shaped Swings)

  • Inward Mills

  • Tapping muscles arms, neck, chest, legs buttocks. Do not hit bone

  • Transitioning between outward mills to inward mills and back

Health Wands:

  • Lifting high

  • Lifting to shoulders

  • Peeling the octopus around shoulders

  • Hands high, lean to side, alternating sides

  • Twist high in military stance (feet together)

  • Twist with wand behind tucked in elbow

  • Front lunge lifting and arching up until wand is at its highest both hands on wand

  • Same as above but with foot stepping back while staying in forward weighted lunge

  • When stepping back search with foot

  • Alternate stances