Weekly Cutting Edge Fitness 6-7-2019 Class notes

Indian Clubs

  • Lifting clubs vertical warm up

  • Tapping body warmups

  • Large swing warm ups

Mills and transition sequence

  • Outward Mills (aka outward heart shaped swings)

  • Cross in front to transition to Inward mills (aka inward heart shaped swings)

  • Inward Mills (aka inward heart shaped swings)

  • Transition to outward mills by topping in iron cross position, doing wrist circles with clubs behind forearms

  • Outward mills, transition to parallel swings by stopping one club in cross position, continuing swing with other arm until the clubs, ‘catch up’ with other and swing both clubs in parallel in one direction. Clubs rotate small circles in same direction of the larger circle.

  • Transition to opposite parallel swings by stopping clubs at top of circle, switch directions by doing a small parallel circle in opposite direction

  • Parallel swings opposite side

  • Switch directions

Swing parallel with side twist

  • Parallel swings when arcing to the side turn upper body 90 degrees in the direction of the swing

  • Keep feet together and facing forward


  • Peeling the octopus aka snake around head

  • Lifting wand overhead

  • Lift wand and move down to side 45 degrees

  • Lift wand up and the bring down behind neck and lower behind back

  • Lift wand to chest level, rotating wrists in

  • Lift wand to shoulder level thrust to side

  • Lift end of wand from one side all the way to the other side crossing arms in front

  • Lift end of wand from one side all the way to the other side, crossing one arm in front of chest and other end straight down (Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder pendulum)

  • Lift wand elegantly to the front 45 degree

Side to side wand sequence

  • Lift end of wand from one side all the way to the other side ending with wand on one side

  • Same as above with jumping step to the side, then jump back to other side

  • Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder moving one foot, ball of foot on other

  • Jumping over Wand swinging at feet

  • Side block sequence with pressure testing

  • Twist with wand in back held in elbow crease

Athlete with Wand set

  • Wand held a thigh level palms down

  • Squat with knees outward while moving the stick vertical with one hand over the other

  • Return to start position

  • Lift wand overheard while squatting

  • Stretch out foot to side and move wand to RH side with left hand on top (I may have showed opposite hand position in class, I will correct next class)

  • Bring foot back to center an squat moving wand back to overhead horizontal

  • Return to start position