Weekly Cutting Edge Fitness 5-26-2019 Class notes

Indian Clubs

  • 10 minute exercise, demi squats with parallel swings and wrist circles

  • Arms in iron cross position

  • Wrist circles, outward on back of arm and then inward

Cross overhead

  • Cross position clubs down

  • Swing in parallel overhead uncrossing in back

  • Swing down crossing clubs - Clubs inverted

Alternate description

  • Cross clubs across chest ends up

  • Lift over head behind shoulders, rotating at shoulder joint, clubs swing in parallel

  • Rotate back to start, inverting clubs and crossing hands in front of body

One legged exercises

  • On one leg hold clubs out in front lifting back leg

  • Moving clubs or dumbells in parallel on one leg

  • Stand on one foot swinging one leg forward while at same time lifting clubs in parallel forward


TWO HANDED SET (hands spread out one wand palms down

  • Peeling the octopus aka snake around head

  • Lift wand up and overheard

  • Lift wand and move down to side 45 degrees

  • Lift wand up and the bring down behind neck and lower behind back

  • Lift wand to chest level, rotating wrists in

  • Lift wand to shoulder level thrust to side

  • Lift end of wand from one side all the way to the other side crossing arms in front

  • Lift end of wand from one side all the way to the other side, crossing one arm in front of chest and other end straight down (Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder pendulum)

  • Lift wand elegantly to the front 45 degrees

  • Lift end of wand from one side all the way to the other side ending with wand on one side

  • Same as above with jumping step to the side, then jump back to other side

  • Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder moving one foot, ball of foot on other

  • Bring wand to chest, turn to side, push down, bending down, come up, turn to front, push wand down to waist, bring wind back up to chest, repeat on other side

  • Twist with wand in back held in elbow crease

  • Twist with wand resting on shoulders


100 days stretch