Weekly Cutting Edge Fitness 5-18-2019 Class notes

Cutting Edge Fitness class notes 5-18-2019

  • Large extended windmill in lunge

  • Kehoe manual long extended lunge straight arms left and right alternating arms

  • Kehoe manual push up clubs inverted

Cross overhead

  • Cross position clubs down

  • Swing in parallel overhead uncrossing in back

  • Swing down crossing clubs - Clubs inverted

Alternate description

  • Cross clubs across chest ends up

  • Lift over head behind shoulders, rotating at shoulder joint, clubs swing in parallel

  • Rotate back to start, inverting clubs and crossing hands in front of body

Iron cross position. Small wrist circles, circling back circles then remaining in cross position switch to small forward inside circles

Gently swinging clubs around body tapping abdomen


  • Peeling the octopus

  • Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder pendulum

  • Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder moving one foot, ball of foot on other

  • Adding small jump landing on ball of foot

  • Crouch down then up with wand in back held in elbow crease

  • Wide stance wand vertical, bending at waist shooting through legs


T’ai Chi Ball exercise

Bagua Zhang mud stepping walking, straight line and circle

C’hi Kung 8 Essentials exercise

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