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Weekly Cutting Edge Fitness 5-11-2019 Class notes

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Cutting Edge Fitness class notes 5-11-2019 Small circles hands in front clubs out Reverse circles Same as above clubs turned in Iron Cross position Clubs inverted Rotating at wrists 90 and 180 degrees Kehoe push up clubs inverted

Cross clubs across chest ends up Lift over head behind shoulders, rotating at shoulder joint, clubs swing in parallel Rotate back to start, inverting clubs and crossing hands in front of body

Behind the back small circle Single inward windmill with large circle arm extended full Wands Peeling the octopus One foot lift One foot balancing wand forward Over the head from side start circling over head wide Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder swivel Lifting side to side hands out wide shoulder moving one foot, ball of foot on other

Wand across shoulder bending down slightly twisting Two person wand exercises

For Tai Chi 8 Essential Exercise I can forward a document via email. Please send request to

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