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Just some more info about our mission as we improve our site.

Martial artists, athletes, and people around the world have rediscovered the use of classic training tools such as Indian clubs, Health Wands and other classic exercises as martial training tools. Tracing their roots from Greece to Persia to India and then to the West, these humble pieces of equipment and forms of exercise have many applications for the modern athlete or anyone wishing to enhance their physical conditioning.

Having spent over 45 years training in a number of martial arts, I came upon these amazing classic apparatus' and techniques. Seeing the astonishing benefit to my personal training, I have spent the last 10 years pouring over classic treatises and meeting with like-minded individuals to adapt these classic tools and exercises while focusing on modern safety principles. I am pleased to present these exercises to anyone who is eager to optimize their training or just experience this 'lost' form of health maintenance. 

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