Weekly Martial Exercise 3/2/2019 class notes

Exercise covered:

Indian Clubs

  • Warm up - lift clubs in parallel, up over shoulders to hand behind the shoulders

  • Outward windmill swings - single club and both hands

  • Inward windmill swings - both hands

  • Cool down and loosen with large circle with both clubs

  • 10 minute daily exercise - 2 clubs

  • Prepare by holding our both arms straight

  • Keeping arms in place rotate both clubs with forward moulinets

  • Sequence

  • 1. Lift clubs to shoulders, as you squat down in a demi squat swing both arms down in parallel, extending arms out in front

  • As arms come down , when the are straight out rotate both clubs with forward moulinets

  • After squat is completed rise up from squat, standing up and swinging both clubs up to return to starting position

  • 2. Same as above but instead of moulinets on the way down do a reverse moulinet as you rise up

  • 3. Combining outward moulinets on the way down then reverse moulinets on the way up

  • Step forward lunge parallel clubs (see diagram above)

  • Reverse lunge parallel clubs

  • Side lunge parallel clubs

Teacups (Chinese Internal arts qigong exercise)

  • Holding club only by the knob in a flat hand move the palms around the head as if holding a cup of hot tea

  • focus on maintaining a flat hand

  • ensure you reach out as far as you can stretch out horizontally.