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We are all warriors in life and being your healthiest will prepare you for any battle

Martial artists, athletes, and people around the world have rediscovered the use of classic training tools such as Indian clubs, Health Wands and other classic exercises as martial training tools.  Tracing their roots from Greece to Persia to India and then to the West, these humble pieces of equipment and forms of exercise have many applications for the modern athlete or anyone wishing to enhance their physical conditioning.

I am pleased to present these exercises to anyone who is eager to optimize their training or just experience this 'lost' form of health maintenance.

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Wisdom from the past for modern warriors and everyone


Indian Clubs & Mace

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Health Wands

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West meets East

Martial Artists or anyone interested in physical fitness can benefit from these time-proven Classic exercises

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Our mission is to introduce and evangelize classic exercise tools and techniques to enhance modern health and fitness for martial artists or anyone who just wants to stay healthy.  Reach out and let us help you enhance your health, energy, and overall lifestyle.

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Based in El Cerrito CA

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Shifu Fred Kaye's martial career spans over 45 years. After starting his martial career in Japanese Shotokan Karate he went on to earn his Black Belt from the esteemed Ching Lung Kuoshu Kwan school. Mr. Kaye's martial foundation is in the Chinese martial traditions, ranging from external Northern/Southern Shaolin styles to Internal Chinese schools of Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Lu Huo Quan and Taiji Quan (T'ai Chi Chuan). Over the last 10 years, he has expanded his martial journey with a continuous exploration of western martial arts (Victorian/Edwardian) Bartitsu, La Defense dans La Rue, use of the Vigny Cane and other global fighting arts.

He generally likes pointy, slashy things and other bashing implements.

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