Weekly Martial Exercise 2/9/2019 class notes

February 10, 2019

Exercise covered:

Indian Clubs

  • Outward windmill swings - both hands

  • Inward windmill swings - both hands


Look back cure diseases  - One of the classic chinese internal exercises

  • Hands at sides pushing down gently

  • Keeping head level rotate head side to side looking back while doing so


Health wand


  • Forward lunge lifting wand overhead with hands at end of wands

  • Switch legs each lunge



  • With wand behind shoulders, resting on shoulders -twist side to side with feet together

  • With wand behind hips, resting on hips - twist side to side with feet together


Pendulum swing to side

  • With one hand near end of wand and one toward center push arm to side of body lifting hand on other side

Poke to side

  • Lifting too chest and poking out to side

  • With one hand near end of wand and one toward center  list wand in front to shoulder height and push to side



poke to side with twisting and winding wand inward










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